Friday, February 03, 2006

Saturday openings and fun

Opening map for Saturday Feb 4

1. Start in Birmingham and check out KIDD's Realism opening from sure to walk around trendy B'ham and look for in town celebs! Saturday afternoon will be prime for star gazing!

2. Later that night head downtown to CAID's Media/Animate Object opening from 6-10pm. Artists include: Cooper Holoweski, Gail mally-mack, Chris Nelson, Leslie Sobel...and more.

3. From there let the party continue at 101up's last show and superbowl celebration party! 101up is right by all the party sure to check out the bars and parties by the stadium...even if you aren't into football it is just fun being in the middle of all the party action!

(I was downtown last night...and the city is such a vibrant place! It doesn't even seem to be Detroit with all the crowds of people walking around. Just be prepared to pay at least 10 bucks to park!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theres an opening at hamtramcks Pr1mary Space as well.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous pacopez said...

Sshhhish!! Your not supposed to say that.. right?

Was at the CAID
open tonight which was good. Some of the work really grabbed me and I appreciated the open space given.
Mally-Macks paintings I had seen before which was sort of a bummer.
The show in general still seemed to lack something vital which I cannot put my finger on..?

To much judgement?

12:33 AM  

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