Thursday, March 09, 2006

saltz on the biennial

It looks like I finally agree with mr. saltz! His review on the whitney biennial is right on and he points out a lot of key points I also noticed:

"'Day for Night' is filled with work I’m not interested in; it tries to do too much in too little space; it is often dry and confusing. Nevertheless, the show is a compelling attempt to examine conceptual practices and political agency, consider art that is not about beauty, reconsider reductivism...

But the exhibition also suffers from such aggravating tics as an invented curator, and a low percentage of women (25 percent) when you count only the individual artists on view in the museum.

The curators regularly treat two-dimensional media as if they were second-class citizens, jamming them in, splitting them up or using them as filler. Meanwhile, conceptual work, video and installation is given ample space. Whole rooms are given to sculpture and video but never to painting."

check out the rest of mr. saltz's opinions here


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