Friday, March 17, 2006

anne reinhardt at motor city

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In case you missed motor city this week - here are some pictures of anne reinhardt's work. Large contour prints, some with colored in hair - and wood painted mouths that bubbled around the drawings. A video of the subject played also. The video was hard to make out with the noise of the bar but from what I gathered the exhibit was very personal and featured anne's mother in the drawings and video of recorded conversations.
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Is anyone else noticing that motor city is becoming bigger and better? It seems like artists are taking bigger risks and setting up full installations instead of just drawings or studies.
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Anonymous pacopez said...

This was a good something starting!
Yeah its good to see artists taking advantage of such an open opportunity. This work was very evocative for myself and I will be paying attention to see what evolves from it. Yes the technology of the Video did not allow for better sound I had noticed but it worked anyway.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anne Reinhardt said...

Yeah, sorry guys. The original display of the video included headphones which helped to make out the sound when it was quiet or mumbled, but I was afraid that if there were headphones this time people wouldn't watch it as it would only allow for one person at a time to view it. I wanted to eliminate the akwardness of being the only person in a bar situation hogging the headphones for 15 minutes. It worked fine until about 10ish when everyone came in and there was added noise from the atmosphere. I would have turned it up had it been pointed out sooner. Oh well, the beauty of trial and error...anyway, thank for being interested and writing about me. I would be happy to answer any further questions or allow anyone who is interested to view the video in a more favorable situation. -Anne

11:09 PM  
Anonymous pacopez said...

Have you been to the DCA Gallery on Northline in Taylor? Perhaps it would be a place to go further with this work. Riversedge in Wyandotte is friendly to some new ideas but their space is sometimes difficult to deal with.

11:12 AM  

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