Saturday, September 10, 2005

Lemberg Gallery opening

So....did anyone else try and figure this out?  There was a map or diagram which appeared to be a layout for the whole piece that circled the room.  I should probably look into a statement but then I the piece about the meaning or can the viewer be satisfied visually without knowing?
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Ok...I had to find something about the meaning.  Here is part of her statement:

Lackey's abstract works examine mapping and coding of ephemeral connections. Her projects range from installations to objects and works on paper that underscore questions about identity and communication. Using the body as guide and measure, she links overlapping systems of science, language, painting and textiles establishing a working process that depends on materiality, scale, spatial play, and perceptual phenomena.
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PS: why don't they call Lemberg Gallery - Cranbrook Gallery?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i rather enjoyed lackey's work. prior to reading through the diagram, my initial thought was technology of the 60s and 70s (?). the presentation around the gallery made me think of the computers that used to inhabit one or two rooms and how they have now shrunk down to a few that are as small as a deck of cards. the construction seemed almost primitive in terms of how far we have evolved within technology and industry. i liked that contrast of fragility vs. strength. i realize that this is not necessarily close to the artist's intent however, i enjoy it just the same.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous John said...

Hey Ann,

My name is John Azoni. I go to CCS and I first saw your work about a year and a half ago when you showed in the hallway of the library building. I absolutley love your paintings. Probably because I share the same concerns in my work. Our styles are actually very similar. I do a lot of expressionistic/abstracted landscapes with juxtaposing city elements. I notice you have a lot of overpasses in your paintings, which is an area of nature that I tend to be drawn towards as well. I actually was in TRA the other day talking to Brian. He mentioned putting some of my work in the gallery and gave me your blog address to check out. So I thought I'd just drop you a line and "introduce" myself. If you ever get the urge to see some of my work, you can check it out at Otherwise I'm sure I'll see you in the gallery, and I look forward to meeting you in person.


11:59 PM  

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