Friday, April 21, 2006

don't miss tonight...

If you can only make it to one thing tonight then check out:
Johanson Charles Gallery
OPENING: Friday April 21, 7pm
SHOW: "Phenomena" Art, Science, Nature
Artists, Adrian Hatfield, Jayson Lowery, and Helen Bevan

and don't forget the cranbrook graduate show tomorrow night!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know when you visit a Cranbrook Graduate Exhibition there is a distict intensity to the work in use of diverse material, effort and often money spent in execution, but one often leaves feeling what the hell does it all mean? Very different when you visit graduate exhibitions from other colleges in the area.

There is a definite challenge but does one always arrive at a conclusion? How one finds 'meaning' in a work appears to be the dominant question. Perhaps this is all one can expect from our most current art.

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ann for putting these pictures up. Looks like a very dynamic show.I dont know if I will be able to get all the way out there from where I live.....with gas prices hitting the stratosphere its literally a Sophie's Choice

9:36 AM  

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