Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Aernout Mik @ the Hammer

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Would you believe this accident was all staged just for the sake of video art? Check it out...

"Aernout Mik is known internationally for video installations that not only stage narratives based on imagined catastrophes, but also present ambiguous causes and effects. In his surreal, often semi-apocalyptic scenarios, Mik comments on the frequent inability of humans to respond instinctively and individually to monumental disasters. Refraction, an approximately 30-minute video loop, documents the aftermath of an accident in which a bus has capsized on a highway in the Romanian countryside. Uniformed police, medics, and rescue workers swarm over the accident site, digging at rubble and scouring the interior of the bus. Traffic becomes congested in either direction on the highway causing curious motorists to leave their cars and take part in the scene." press release, hammer museum, LA.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've seen a couple shows now with billy conklin, who stages documents, archives, photos and videos from staged government terror exercises in england. he also staged a sex video with his ex.

i don't really see the purpose of it all. when i was a kid we used to tell such people: you ought to be on the stage! there's one leaving at noon.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ich bin Billy, nein? jb

2:51 PM  

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