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It seems as though a certain someone at detroitartsblog is getting behind with picture if they don't pick up the pace they will have to be let go! hahahh! Anyways, I still haven't posted 555's Love Show from last weekend - too many openings so many pictures! Overall - pretty disappointing especially if you had to pay 8 bucks and didn't get to see a good band play. The art in the front rooms didn't appeal to me, but the back room was a big "ghetto" installation. It had an interesting feel but I think out of the artists that I questioned about the piece, they were still guessing what was really going on. Here are some teaser pics:
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Blogger John Azoni said...

Ugh...I'm totally with you. In 555's defense, the "show love" show was their annual attempt to "show love" to upcoming artists, and allow them a space to show their work. So in turn, you get a lot of people showing crappy work, and since the show isn't really curated, it gets hung. I do, however, wish that they would've been more selective about the work they chose to hang, but since I'm only an intern there I don't really have much say. The Jungle Love show was slightly better, though really sloppy in the way the work was stretched and created. I personally wouldn't invest in any of that, except maybe the silkscreens if I had the money. I could've done without the porn though. Or the "pussy for sale" painting. But I do feel bad that people had to pay $8 to see the show, but since we're non-profit, we have heating bills and rent to pay among other things. I wouldn't have paid to get in that show though. BUT, in all fairness, it's a great space with a lot of potential. I think with a warehouse atmosphere, the work has to be catored to fit that environment. The Jungle Love boys had the right idea. Hopefully with the "show love" show out of the way we'll see some better work on display.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, since you are interning at 555 could you please pass on this information about the Gallery Guide?

Below is the email and phone number for the ART IN AMERICA GUIDE TO GALLERIES, MUSEUMS, AND ARTISTS---the annual issue [August] that is a wonderful resource for looking for exhibition opportunities, or research, or to look up a particular or email them today to get an application form. The deadline is March 1, but they are a little flexible.

Also PLEASE pass this info on to ANY and ALL galleries that you know that are new or that are not listed...It is so important that galleries be listed. Commercial galleries, non profits, school galleries, university galleries, non-traditional exhibition spaces, etc. There is a very small one-time fee, I think just $25, and then the renewals are sent every year. The fee is waived for non-profits.



212 941 2884

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

same night was the dirty show at 12.50 to get in. I dont know, but they both kind of sucked but at least at the dirty show you got to see some poontang. Maybe I just dont get it. As an artist, if i were going to submit work, I would make sure all my mattes were cut straight and my canvases were true. If this was the art they let in, i wonder what they left out. The work must have been smeared with feces and dripping with toilet water to get denied? If an artist say "I meant for the canvas to be loose and crooked and the matte to be cut wrong" is that valid? Is art valid regardless on intent and craftmanship?

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont know about you, but I cant afford to pay to see art exhibitions. Havent been going to movies lately either, before someone brings that up as a comparison.

I would be royally pissed if I paid $12.50 to get into an art show and presentation was beyond sloppy.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can afford to pay to go to a gallery, but why would I?

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is no excuse for poor craftsmanship, real galleries would never accept that. you're work needs to be professionally presented , I'm not even saying it need s to be framed it just needs to be presented in a way that makes sense, por quality never makes sense. by the way 555 sucks.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the photos taken of the event are rare.

the sides shots of the show seem to be skewed. great way to show how much you didnt support the show. Take side shots of art, DONT shoot the main gallery art and call an optional donation a cover charge. way to show all sides.

Forgive the poor intern. He is young and quite possibly weak minded. the show sucked so bad that the intern just stood to the side and couldnt speak up. He is not at fault, he made sure we all know.

it is fine if you didnt like or get the show. perhaps there was nothing to get and that made you frustrated. you might have better ideas of what good art is and how it should be presented.

I have been to the 555 on a number of occasions, including SHow Love and have always enjoyed their bravery. They have a very positive vibe about themselves. the spoken word was grreat that night. along with the drum & dance performance. The art posted was a bit rough in presentation, but i think that was the overall feel of the night and 555 in general.

Allowing artists to have a relaxed show with open arms made the event a lot of fun. perhaps you couldnt pick good from bad that night. most art can carry the presence of junk without the right hype in many instances anyhow.

I enjoy coming onto this blog at times but it is getting to the point i might be afraid to tell my friends that i do.

be good little art bullies.

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did some thinking. while i love 555 for busting ass and staying open (golf clap). they truly are fighting the system and standing tall in a city of few artist outlets. I just have a problem with being so liberal with the approvals on submissions. Kudo's for giving breaks to new young artists and non-mainstream creators. But, the artists should still be held at the highest standards possible when it comes to craftmanship and quality. there is nothing worse than good art ruined by poor craftmaship, it is so distracting. If an artist has problems cutting mattes or stretching canvases, set aside the art for a while and learn. Or pay to have it done. Cant stretch a canvas? Paint on panel. there are always options other that hanging it with the excuse "I meant for it to look like that". 555, hold the artists feet to the fire and start demanding better quality and i'm sure art will start selling left and right. Infact it looked like the few pieces that did sell were matted photographs that were framed professionally and clean.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, the 555 continually shows poor work, there is something to be said for putting on agood event, which thay do, and their bravery for setting up shop, which they did, and having built great facilities for their artists, but if a show is bad, it's bad, that's ok, but don't pretend it's not, and if you have to explain something like maybe the show was supposed to have a rough feel that's really uneeded justification, what's that saying you can polish a turd. Anyway i love the 555 for what they are and what they do, too bad they show so much crap, in the end it does reflect badly on them . peace

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is not very often that people speak of emotion in their critiques on this blog.

think for a moment about what made you so frustrated with the 555 show. are your matting abilities so grand that you just couldnt stand to be near poorly matted works? maybe you could have pushed the band aside and gave a canvas stretching class. OR a disertation on how framed shitty work sells better- and show examples. That would have been fun to see.

let your ego realx for a momentand try pretending to not be in art class. no one cares about your work anymore. your professors have been paid off and dont care if your work is presented well.
imaginge if you were to attend a showing and look =ed for more than flaws. or took a moment to enjoy an artists flaws.

read about the show before you question it. it was called show love and let artists represent themselves in an art scene that doesnt always allow artist ot be who they want to be. in a scene that is far from dead but is loosing a dead limb.

you dont have to get it, but if you dont...leave it alone and let it grow.

be good little art bullies.

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't really understand why you're arguing the oint, but we can. the show is bad, poor quality work, maybe if the work wasn't so rough they would get shown love. and anyway i like to be anonymous but if i told you who i was you'd know, and im not in art class, havent been for a long time,i sell work and im in shows, hows that for my ego?
i don't know why you can't call a piece of shit a piece of shit. you know if everybody doesn't react well to a piece or show you can't blame all of that on "not understanding the Show"

don't be good art bullies

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are in some agreement; there was some questionable art quality at the show. I feel that way at most art shows. There was some questionable art there which was framed and matted. On the flip side there were some known artists who used little to no matte work and others who used garbage that look really good. If you don’t like or understand the intentions of 555 I think all will be fine – the large amount of positive people on opening night said a lot as to what is going on there. It seems to be an open artist community! Have you read anything on their past press? Maybe that is a different mind set from your community of artists. That is fine…You are good enough and people like you there.

I understand at any level there needs to be a cap of quality when putting on a show, but one of the best pieces there was hung without boarders and fit the arts own existence.

The point above is nothing but my half cracked little artshit opinion anyhow (so is the above but it changes subject a little).

My original discussion was about the misrepresentation of the “show love” show and 555 at this blog. Pictures taken were of a completely different show (THE LABORATORY FOR CREATIVE THOUGHT PRESENTS: Urban: Jungle Love and Femo-Technology). This was a show from Toledo Ohio who’s show happen to be going at the same time. IT was curate by a whole other group on their own and borrowed the space from 555. So to make fun of the show “love show” in relation to 555 and only display skewed images of a separate show curate by an outside source gave little indication as to what really happened or what is happening.
The blog owner has a bias opinion. And poked fun at 555 for not using their art bouncers to throw the unworthy out. How can you tell?
If i was to argue anything here – it would be that I found the link via metro times stating this was a site representing the Detroit area art scene. This site all seems a bit skewed in my opinion and stinks of a cul-de-sac - side walk - buddy system.

I am sure I would know who you are. You are an art celebrity who has their palm on the pulse. Perhaps I would want to give you a hug and let all of my friends see me do it. We might even get along. That is fine and everything is in working order for you.

My disgust is the sad representation of movements that are not understood…and if you only coment and don’t ask all you are doing is starting ANOTHER blog.

Accept this as a critique of the blog and the scene it is attempting to mold, and if I took pictures and posted them to represent this blog, it would be of

be good little art bullies.

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

everyone just simmer down. 555 is a valuable space that does take chances and exhibit work that otherwise wouldnt get shown. Thats cool. There is fact, and then there is what we each would do if we could. 555 and it's curators choose to show the work the pick. regardless of quallity and skill. I understand that regardless of the quality of craftmanship, intent is still valid. I mean if I were able to compete in the ice capades with Sasha Cohen (I cant skate) it would look like crap, but everyone may say "Well he did the very best he knew how". Some people would say "Who let that retard out on the ice, for god's sake some one shoot him". I myself am in the middle and would say "Why did they let him out there, its cool but maybe they should have had him train a little bit more and come back when it he can do a little better".
Its not just about the cut of the mattes or the squareness of the canvases, its about pride. Like taking out your nose ring when you go to a job interview, or making sure your breath doesnt stink on a first date, or whipping properly after a bowel movement. All these things show the level of self pride one has as a person. The level of presentation of an artists work gives the work value and a sence that the artist has a certain level of pride in his/her work (it SHOWs LOVE).
Of the 2 shows, I felt the Show Love one was better than other show put on by the Toledo Artist Farmers Guild (just kidding) I know how hard it is to paint in the dark and since Toledo just got electricity last week I can understand the lack of quality in thier work. (kidding again).
Anyways, Show Love was the better of the 2 but it have been better.
I for one will keep submitting my work to 555 and to any gallery asking for work, regardless of the quality of the other artists work, I plan on only submitting work that I am entirely proud of and shows it. My work will SHOW my LOVE for art and creating!!!!

(I just typed that with my genitals)

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S., just a question, since the show ends Saturday the 24th. when can we pick up our art? Saturday or Sunday, or wait until next weekend?
If you could post a time, that would be great.

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am replying bak to you, I find all of your thoughts very welcome, you sound very intelligent and a lot more even tempered than myself. Of course i don't want to be misunderstood. I , m not talking about framed or not framed, none of that would bother me, remember basquaits work in the 80's was not framed and often painted on garbage, palletes etc., i'm not saying you even have to like Basquiat, I'm just saying there is little excuse for showing work with poor craftsmanship. You could easily name 10 artists where ugly is the aestethic, and that could be directly as shocking to Picasso,or the way Cezanne before him was viewed, or the fauves, so I am not knocking ugly, or rough, or brut as aesthetic: just crappy work, which neither needs to be explained or looked at for too long.


3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I messed up there,

directly traced to Picasso is what I meant,
showing work of poor quality, and craftsmanship.

You usually get 12 shows in a calendar year, why waste a month for a party. just have the party any way.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you use the word poontang? Nice. You should paint that.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

skating in the ice capades is a bad analogy considering it is a corporate event with large sponsors not interested in the abstract concepts. You knew that though, I am sure – it was a funny attempt to not take an art discussion past art history or the concepts of a strong underpainting. I guess abstract concepts are out of you discussion realm. Speaking of abstract concepts… Woulnt it be nice if things were as cut and dry as the ice capades? Maybe like a clean crispy gallery with only works of art that you felt noble enough to enter. You seem to be sliding around on that ice... are you afraid…don’t fall.

Pride Response: Maybe your so cool to have a nose ring but not swift enough to find a job that allows you to keep it in. or your breath smells poorly, but you and your date are adult enough to laugh about it because you both realize how uptight situations have been made by advertising and guys who work hard to get into main st gallerys. Or that you ran out of the proper amount of toilet paper and having a money shortage caused you to use an oil painting rag that has now left your sphincter looking bloody and swollen. Only to then realize you had just finalized the red shirt on a self portrait of yourself in an ice capade costume.

You said Pride! Topher, you used the words retard and poontang. I don’t think anyone should be taking pride lessons from you.

You are not addressing the Main idea: that this blog has a skewed look at the Detroit art scene. Lets forget you thinking you are funny and that we both like 555 for different reasons. The simple fact is that this blog was advertised as a place representing the Detroit area art scene in the Metro Times. Though it may in some respects, it seems to be at the strong digression of the owner. Which is fine, but then this is not a true representative of the entire scene and should leave some things alone and/or research more. Better to ignore than to mislead.

You are right, if something has to be explained it is not for those who don’t get it. You didn’t get it. That would have been a more intellectual ap[proach to this discussion.

To my friends Topher and the famous anonymous artist whom I wanna hug in front of my friends: and blog owner – As artist it seems your job is to ask questions and reflect the on goings of the society around you. There are enough critics and not enough people asking the right questions. I wish you the best and may your art be as splendid as the ice capades.

Be good little art bullies.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its like matt holland said wwhen he was alive, jokingly, when a cast piece blows up it becomes a "conceptual piece"

get it?

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the show was fine.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't tell if the show was good or bad based on the poor quality of images on this blog. I think someone should invest in a better camera or hire someone to do it.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THis blog sucks

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess we all need to become friends with the blog owner to get a good response. I'd rather just be ignored.

4:24 PM  

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