Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mapping the Friday Openings

Yes, I know there are too many openings Friday night...wah, wah, wah! Detroit is back in full gallery swing! So put on your cocktail dress or fancy button-up shirt and get ready to have a fun night on the town!
"Oh, it is impossible to make it to all the openings..." NO! Not true! Here is your driving guide to make all the shows.

1. Start in Birmingham
KIDD Gallery 6-8pm

2. Make your way to Ferndale
Lemberg Gallery 5-8pm
Works by Jane Lackey

3. Go next door...
Revolution Gallery 6-8pm

4. OK, now head to Detroit
Center Galleries 6-8pm
"Hammer-In: Past Present Future"
An exhibition of sculpture by national metal artists who have
participated in CCS Hammer-in events.

5. Travel down Woodward
DAM (detroit artist's market) 7-10pm

6. Now you are ready for a late night snack, more drinking, or a show downtown!

Remember to drive safe...all those glasses of cheap wine will add up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The show at CG actually runs from 6-8.

10:27 AM  

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