Wednesday, May 18, 2005

DIA and CCS: a new relationship?

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Other city's have animals...but Detroit has crazy concept cars. How long before these cars are a graffiti targets?
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I went downtown to take another look at the ccs student exhibit and was shocked to see the green lawn of the campus being ripped apart!  At first I thought, "Oh, what are they destroying downtown?" But this construction has an upside.  The DIA is donating sculptures to CCS.  They are putting in brand new landscaping and a new sculpture park.  It is nice to see that all those tickets sold to attend the opening night went to something.  My source on this was a man sitting in a folding chair working the ccs student show so I could be a bit off but I felt his story was believable given the blueprint picture I later found.  The man told me that the sculptures were just sitting in the basement storage at the DIA so that's why they wanted to lend them to CCS. 
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I think that this is a great idea.  It will draw more attention to CCS and provide a better campus green for the students and art enthusiasts to frolic in.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

they started all this on monday while i was down there visiting. by lunch time there were pushed aside layers of sod that resembled dead sea lions or ancient dinosaurs. it's a mess down there right now but i'm excited to see what comes of it and how soon.

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