Friday, April 08, 2005

Closing of Maniscalco Gallery

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Robert Maniscalco has decided to close his doors and partially leave Detroit.  His wife and he will have dual residency between Detroit and Charleston, SC.  He has decided to devote his energy into his commissioned portrait artist career, which apparently has a good audience in the south.


In Maniscalco's DANG newsletter he writes to his loyal Detroit art community:

After eight amazing years working to bring Detroit artists into the light, The
Maniscalco Gallery will be closing its doors for good on May 20, 2005. That's
the day we're going to have a great big party, "The Last Hurrah," celebrating
the many memories we've shared with our friends and supporters. Amanda and I are
very proud of the many thought provoking exhibitions we've mounted and the
evocative artists we've represented.

I am very proud to have been a part of what the Detroit arts community has been
able to accomplish in these past eight years. But there is still much work to be
done. The community will continue to depend on the visionaries and workhorses
who have begun to give Detroit artists a presence as pioneers in the national
scene. Slowly we have made progress toward moving the tremendous Detroit
underground art scene into view for all to enjoy. Despite the old guards'
monastic retreat from the marketplace Detroit continues to be an excellent place
to make art.

I plan to continue sharing insights, information and ideas in DANG and in my
monthly "Pointe of Art" column and as host of "Inside Art" on WMTV-5 in Grosse
Pointe. The Maniscalco Gallery of Fine Art - Online, which has become an
important resource for artists, students and collectors, will continue to
evolve. One of my goals is to publish several writing and video projects
currently in development. And, of course, I plan to continue as host of ART
BEAT, if we receive the necessary underwriting for a third season.

Though it is sad to go I am filled with optimism that the climate is improving
and that things are happening as they should.



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