Thursday, January 12, 2006

Stephen Bush

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While flipping through the back of Art Forum's review section I came across artist Stephen Bush. At first glance, to some,  these paintings could easily be described as an acid trip of fluorescent colors but I have been taken with these menacing, desolate cabin landscapes. I think that most people are attracted to elements of the work they create. This said, I love the lone structure contained in the abstract field of color and painterly strokes. I feel that the works tie to the feeling of the city of detroit and the neighborhoods that now appear to be more country than city-like.

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In the press release to his show at Goff + Rosenthal it explains:  "In making each painting, there are two stages in the development of the work. First, Bush pours paint directly onto the canvas, allowing a freeform image to appear. Next, Bush begins to develop a narrative out of the abstract and accidental forms. Says Bush, "I work to discover or manipulate figurative elements with the information that presents itself in the ground."
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like it.

2:44 AM  
Anonymous Bea Tnik said...

This Bush guy's going for the whole art tamale! Political commentary. Technique. Art history. Psychology and personal expression. The Act of Painting. Dualities galore. You go, Stephen!

12:17 PM  

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