Thursday, January 05, 2006

Artists in Show...

Here is the list of artists participating in the CCS Selections show at the BBAC. Opening: Jan 6, 4-8pm

Graduated 2005
Heather Anger
Erin Aube
Jacklyn Brickman
Miroslav Cukovic
Ben Kiehl
Kylie Lockwood
Erin Somerville

Graduated 2004
Leman Lambert
Faina Lerman
Brian C. Barr

Graduated 2003
Steven. Brown
Ann Gordon
Julia Stout
Susan Trujillo

Graduated 2002
Joshua Ferrel
Matt Lewis
Joel Dugan

Stephanie Buer
Chris Hall
Brittany Harris
Craig Nowak
Michael Smith


Anonymous gilda said...

This list of artists is stellar....every collector around here should definitely be taking note!
I couldnt be at the reception last night because of an accident with our car, but will definitely see the show!


7:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice blog ann, nice photos, couldn't make the opening so it was good to see some images.
matt lewis

3:17 PM  

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