Saturday, April 30, 2005

art chicago

Well, you still have a couple days to make it to Art Chicago in the Park....but if you can't fit it into your busy schedule then check out this article to check the gossip you missed.

Art Chicago 2005
"A rechristened and reconfigured Art Chicago in the Park opened Apr. 29-May 2, 2005, in a 75,000-square-foot tent erected on Butler Field behind the Art Institute of Chicago. Of the 94 exhibitors, 71 come from the U.S. and 23 from overseas -- mostly Korea, Spain and Canada. Of the 23 Chicago galleries, seven are new to the show and one has returned after a ten-year absence. But 17 galleries who participated in 2004 are not here -- and they include some heavy hitters: Bodybuilder & Sportsman, Richard Gray, Carl Hammer, Rhona Hoffman, Monique Meloche, Peter Miller and Zolla/Lieberman among them....." too read more go to


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