Thursday, March 08, 2007

Silverman Gallery

I really missed out while in sanfran because I couldn't attend the big Silverman opening - which included a fashion show and live music - bummer :( I did meet up with Jessica Silverman and she happily filled me in on the bay art scene and west coast arts. I had some problems finding her basement floor gallery, like I said it seems like sanfran likes to hide its galleries, but I like the feel of that part of the city. It seems a bit on the cusp- like miami's art district. Silverman said that more galleries are springing up on that side of town (east of Mission area). The gallery is fairly new but has already developed a fan base and it doesn't hurt that everyone I met at the gallery seemed very arty and hipsterlike... think Hilberry Gallery but run by the assistants. There is no escaping the fact that Jessica is the granddaughter of the ever famous Silverman probably can't hurt when opening up a gallery because I can only assume that one would have a rolodex of contacts. Despite the Silverman name, Jessica was very down to earth and has enough energy to make something fresh and challenging happen in the city.
"A Notion of Boredom, features a series of fashion installations by some of Los Angeles and San Francisco's most progressive designers, coupled with Montreal's theatrically focused musical trio with a penchant for the avant-garde, Dandi Wind." press release

These are just a few pics I shot while they were still setting up the show. Go HERE for more images.


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I hear that Gil Silverman made a special trip to CPop for "CPopportunity" and bought some art, congrats to the artist for now being a part of the Silverman collection

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