Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jeremy Mora

Jeremy Mora @ Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art

Mark Wolfe Contemporary was one of the good finds in the downtown sanfran office building galleries (see following post).
"Jeremy Mora is a Los-Angeles-based sculptor who creates miniature landscapes using humble materials. Mora draws inspiration from bonsai, dollhouses, dioramas, and architectural models, objects united, according to the artist, by their status as idealized miniature environments, where humans can exert “complete control” over nature. Mora's work addresses the conventional dichotomy of nature versus culture. His miniature vignettes push viewers to approach the landscape, not as a natural phenomenon of sublime grandeur, but as a cultural phenomenon, a place suffused with history." press release

This was my favorite piece! Reminded me of Detroit artist Graem Whyte mixed with a bit of west coast optimism and lonely humor! All the works were still very reasonable and ranged from $400-$1400.


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This show felt as if it needed to be edited down.

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