Tuesday, January 09, 2007

saltz on 06

Ahh...it's time to sit on uncle saltz's lap and listen to an artful tale of the year's events. The article mentions lots about ny's museums (moma, whitney, dia, drawing center) and who is and isn't moving and why we should prod our institutions to take chances and make decisions. He also talks about the currently growing and powerful art market and the recent boom in "shocking" art grads ready to saturate the galleries. I think that art schools could stand to be a little harder on students so that we don't have a bunch of kids thinking that they can be the next picasso if they just study hard enough. No one wants to be tough these days, teachers are too scared of hurting students' feelings. Trust me, criticism can be a wonderful thing as long as it is backed by example and provides solutions.

"... For now, a blog entry of Damien Crisp, a gifted MFA student at the School of Visual Arts, captures some of the anger, distrust, and frustration felt these days by students entering an art world awash in success, money, and professionalism. Crisp writes, 'Art schools are pumping out artists like clay shooting targets. The paths to success are marked-out and worn-down. These paths aren't about creating interesting work; they make you walk the line ...'

One way to take the temperature of the art market is to look at one of the art world's big-cheese art magazines, Artforum. Ten years ago last month, the entire issue of Artforum had a total of 120 pages. Last month Artforum had more than more than twice that many pages of ads alone in its 352 pages. Let's be clear. I'm not accusing Artforum of any correspondence between the number of ads and its editorial policies or content. Ads are fine; they're the porn of art magazines. Yet we all need to think about what this much advertising means and how it is affecting the ways we think about and see art ..." Saltz - Moving Arts
Power, professionalism, and perversity: Looking back at the 2006 art scene

Saltz's standouts of the year include: Amy Sillman, Jennifer Bornstein, Nathalie Djurberg, Kara Walker, Nan Goldin , Shishkin, Jackie Saccoccio, Seth Price, Thomas Hirschhorn, Marilyn Minter, Josiah McElheny, Cheney Thompson, Wade Guyton, Aaron Young, Harrell Fletcher, Mark Grotjahn, and perhaps best of all, the exhibition by the living lord of chaos, Sigmar Polke.

Go ahead ... I dare you to google some names!


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