Friday, September 15, 2006

ooh la la...

Don't forget to check out detroit artist, John Azoni's art blog. He is studying abroad in Paris right now and has some great travel pics. I am just obsessed with travel log shows, movies, articles...anything to feel that I am traveling too! This is probably my favorite on tv right now - nothing better than a well spoken cynic who loves food and travel!


Blogger John Azoni said...

I'm actually in Aix en Provence in southern France. I am doing a lot of traveling though, but I live in Aix for the semester. Though I will be in Paris the weekend of my birthday which will be awesome. I'm hoping to go check out the local art scene outside of Aix soon and I will post some pics of what's happening here. Aix is pretty much all devoted to Cezanne because it's the town where he spent the majority of his career. So keep an eye out for an all-art post in the near future. I do have some great pics from the contemporary museum in Nice, as well as this great museum in St. Paul de Vence complete with tons of miro sculptures and a show up called "black as color" including artists such as Barnett Numan, Robert Motherwell, Miro, and the like.

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