Saturday, April 29, 2006

blogs to check out....

Both of these art blogs were just mentioned in Artnet as blogs containing actual content and not just rambles of daily personal stories.
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I actually have already heard of PaintersNYC - I love this blog...great resource of current ny painters!!
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This was the other blog was also written up in the nytimes - Gallery of the Absurd. This is great is you love Gawker and entertainment gossip mixed with an artist's perspective.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read the PaintersNYC comments and compare to the diatribe that characterizes this blog. There you'll see the deficiency in Detroit art and its artists. PaintersNYC comments are concise and about the art. Here, we tend to gripe about circumstances rather than train our eye on what we see, and therefore we contribute less to the evolution of painting and its significance in our world.

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