Saturday, February 18, 2006

anita thacher at marygrove

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Who would have guessed that on the top floor of the vintage-style university - with intricate iron gates at the top of the marble stairways, hardwood floors and a smell that instantly transports you to a historic museum - that there would be a large viewing area for thacher's projected video installation? The video "Loose Corner" is a full wall size projection that has a fairy-tale-like sensibility that explores playful contradictions as characters come into a white corner and then disappear into the screen. As a young woman shakes a sparkle globe, the background begins to snow and shake.
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Another thacher video...that centers around a 50's style advertisement of a spinning top and added in sound and splices.

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In the library downstairs is an exhibit of kathy arkles. She uses repetition and form to lead you into the room.
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and the weirdest part...a big old fashioned dining hall with table setting ready to go with a bottle of wine at each table...and don't forget the pats of butter....but where were all the guests? and why was it set at 7:30pm....with no one in sight? guess: marygrove is a haunted school!


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Kathy Arkles sculpture is really compelling!

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