Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mural unveiling

Jefferson East Business Association partners w/ Summer In The City and The 101up Gallery

'Community Garden and Mural"


Mural unveiling: Friday August 19, 2005 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM

14313 East Jefferson Avenue @ Chalmers

 The Jefferson East Business Association (JEBA) and Summer in the City are proud to announce an unprecedented collision of art, community service and neighborhood development taking place on Detroit's east side.  Summer in the City has teamed up with the Jefferson East Business Association and artists from throughout Detroit to create a unique and ambitious art park.


The effort has brought together hundreds of volunteers from Detroit and the suburbs to turn a vacant lot the site of a former crack house into a point of pride for the neighborhood.  Where there was once stray barbed wire, broken glass and overgrown weeds, now sits a walking path and community garden in the shadow of a remarkable mural.

 The mural, measuring 50 feet wide by 18 feet tall and located prominently at the corner Jefferson and Chalmers, brings together for the first time the creative talents of some of Detroit's most up-and-coming artists.  Neighborhood artists including Phil Cierpial (known for the mural at the nearby Chalmers Building) and artists from Detroit-based, 101up Gallery (Mark Sengbusch, Greg Frederick, Chad P. Hunt, John Hicks, and Carl Oxley) have contributed their eclectic designs to create an imaginative landscape of promise and possibility.


The mural will be unveiled at a community barbeque at 12:30pm, this Friday, August 19.


Summer in the City was founded in 2002 to improve and expand the volunteer experience in metro Detroit by making community service work accessible, effective, and fun.  Summer in the City, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, coordinates its projects and works in partnership with 15 neighborhood groups throughout Detroit.  Since the first season, over 700 volunteers have contributed some 15,000 hours of community service to strengthen Detroit as a city and Southeast Michigan as a region. 





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