Monday, August 15, 2005

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Shrinking Detroit has 12,000 abandoned homes is the headline in the yahoo news!  Someone else also agrees with my idea to turn Detroit into farmland!  It is the natural cycle of the city: Detroit reaches it's height and becomes one of the biggest cities in the country, deteriorates and crumbles into the earth, where then it turns back into open field where it began.  People continue to move north and bulldoze fields while a new kind of urban countryside is growing downtown.  Maybe one of these days I will settle down, get a ranch with some horses in has always been a dream of mine!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen sister - Ive been saying this for years. Plow it all down and plant corn - produce ethanol, end the arabianfossil dependency. If the current inhabitants want to, they can stay and work the corn. Jobs for everybody y'all !

ps. please let me come ride your horses.

7:38 AM  
Blogger art blogs are fun said...

hahahahh! I do need a new car...but with gas prices I am considering a horse!

4:38 PM  

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