Monday, May 16, 2005

NY times on bloggin

I will bother you again with more blogging news.  After my post yesterday explaining the purpose of my blog I found in the NY times an article on a writer who was asked to guest blog for a week on a popular libertarian-conservative blog.

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David Greenberg found out that he wasn't cut out for blogging.  He began his blogging experience thinking, "How hard could blogging be? You roll out of bed, turn on your computer, scan the headlines, think up some clever analysis while brushing your teeth, type it onto your site and you're off."  David soon learned that more went into blogging to make it a "catchy" read.  He noted, "Serious bloggers, aggressively report a pet issue, updating their sites throughout the day."  I have also found this to be true. Just when you think you are done "bloggin" stumble apon another headline to comment on.  And delivery is everything. No one likes dry reading that is all factual.  David also responds to this notion of having to be clever..."I now realized that I didn't need only new information.  I needed a gimmick - a motif or a running joke that would keep the blog rolling all week.  The best bloggers develop hobbyhorses, shticks and catchphrases that they put into wider circulation."  David found that by the end of the week his posts were shorter and his other deadlines of writing for Slate were calling.  I will end with a quote by David that hit home to me.  "You need a thick skin.  And you must put your life on hold to feed an electronic black hole."


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