Sunday, May 15, 2005

Can I win you over?

Have I captured your attention yet?  How about I throw in some fancy charts?
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Or crazy Japanese action figures?
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For all of you not hip yet to the blog craze, let me explain.  I am doubtful that blogs are a fad but they are something to be aware of.  Blogs have exploded on both coasts and sometimes it seems that every one with an opinion has one.  Now I will admit that I was a skeptic too.  I I really want to spend my time reading blogs when I could be out in the sunshine.  Then I remembered that I live in MI and there isn't a lot of sunshine, especially in those cold winter months.  So, I started to find that one could find just as much information on blogs (if you know which sites are credible) and it also was much more brief in getting to the facts.  If you find a blog you like, sit back because the "blogger" can provide you with the info you need already edited.

I like lists, so here is a list about my blog and what it contains.

1.  Upcoming gallery shows....opening receptions details.

2.  Photo reviews of exhibits....A sneak peak view of art.

3.  Detroit art scene information: including the inside scoop of starting a contemporary museum

4.  Current contemporary art news

5.  Fun facts of filthy rich artists

6.  Pleas to start "artists for tennis and detroit gossip" ...I am serious!

7.  Art auction house prices....It is fun to talk about art selling for millions of dollars.

8.  Other art links to galleries and artists.

9.  A place for Detroit artists, art viewers/collectors, and gallery directors to comment.

10.  Pure wholesome art goodness fit for all ages!

And remember.....I post almost daily so there is always new info to see!


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