Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Cy is gay?

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 Lee Siegal, Slate's art critic reviews Cy Twombly's exhibition (50 years of works on paper) at the Whitney Museum:


'You cannot fully understand Twombly's art unless you know that he is gay.  It's often fatuous to reduce an artist to his or her sexuality, but Twombly is working in a tradition that associates homosexuality with an ideal human freedom.  This tradition strives for an art unfettered by purpose, function, or meaning.  You find such a style in Frank O'Hara's casual aimlessness and in John Ashbery's aimless obscurity - both poets think in the strokes of a subtle crayon......"


So I guess if an artist has playful, doodles of lines and pictures he or she must be gay?  This review seems absurd and out of nowhere!  I see no correlation between being gay and Twombly's work, unless it is used in the old fashion context of oh, how gay it is to draw with such vigor!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah um, who cares if he's gay or not. my opinion is that his work sucks. Apollo? what is that crap? who would hang a piece of paper with some adolescent scribbling on it in their home? an untitled white canvas? how bout I just frame a piece of paper and sell that. would you pay 2 euros for that? nope, but maybe I could get 2 million if I prance around the art district with it for fifty years. I see no daring and no risk taking in scribbles passed off as art. what kind of skill is that? I call it con art, as in you've been had you silly sods.

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