Sunday, April 17, 2005

the big night

I am sure after attending Detroit openings you may ask yourself this question: why should I go to art openings? Boozy artists and art seers browse around a humid space while the only art they look at is the other people there. I think that everyone is guilty of sometimes paying more attention to the scene and less to the art. If opening night distractions are not your cup of tea I recommend going to art exhibitions after the opening night to really view the work in depth.
So, now you have gotten past the big to-do-opening jitters and you are still asking yourself the same question. The number one answer should be to support the Detroit art scene even if the art is sometimes less than satisfactory. It is also been said to me that you should attend for the potential to be wowed. Sometimes ten bad shows are worth one good one. Last night I experienced that surprise at Revolution. I am always a sucker for a fresh, odd painting. The key to attending openings is that it may also start a chain letter effect. The more people going out to view art means more art networking and art relationships made.


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