Thursday, December 01, 2005

Motor City Art Night anyone?

I unfortunately missed last night's art night at the Motor City (I am in the process of moving) but I am sorry I didn't catch Christian Tedeschi! Did anyone make it? Any comments?


Anonymous c said...

As a matter of fact, i did see the show. And it was...OK. It was typical Christian work, which to me means...OK. I do give him credit for being an active member of our small community of artists. He tries, and it will be sad to see him leave us.

By the way, where are you moving?

1:33 PM  
Blogger wanwan said...

ok typical christian work? the rolling eggs footage, the foil wrapped potatoes in the sparking microwave, the twine wrapped bicycle... the little twine wrapped razor blade, paper clip, the toothpaste melt piece. it smelled "minty" ok ... the eggs were engaging and entertaining, the other pieces? ... ok well lit, how's that? the potatoes in the microwave were deja vuish, so familiar... well that's just christian amused at the audiences reaction... that's good... do you think he tries? there is definately a playful cleverness to his work... i was thinking about the way the act of creation is so awesome to those who expose themselves, and that it seems only natural for artists to ridicule art satirically...entertaining the dumbed up masses who want to belong

6:44 PM  
Anonymous c said...

'the dumbed up masses who want to belong'- Such a broad statement. Are you refering to anyone in particular?

'do you think he tries?'-Yes, he does try, but only enough to get by. His work lacks that 'exposing of himself' you mention. Those who can, do. Those who can't...well, i think he gets the idea.

He does show, and he does work, which is a lot more than can be said about a lot of critical artists in the area. By no means is he taking anything away from any of the other artists who show or want to show. I do give him credit for what he does, whatever that may be.

2:30 AM  
Blogger ann said...

hey C:
I am moving to Ferndale...ahh finally a place that is in walking distance to shops/eats and also a quick drive downtown! I might try and have an open house once things are settled...display some art and have some of the art crowd over.

2:03 AM  
Anonymous Nolan Simon said...

Why do artists need to "expose themselves?" Art doesn't have to be a narcissistic endeavor. Artists can make work about things outside of themselves.

That just seems like a rule made to be broken.

As for Christian’s work, I didn’t make it to the Motor City to see it, but from wanwan’s assessment it sounds like I missed quite a show. I usually find Christian’s work to be visually stunning, and this show sounds like no exception.

6:28 AM  
Blogger wanwan said...

particularly, inclusive to the extreme... in this analysis

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Nolan Simon said...

inclusive to the extreme...
in this analysis

I think that's a haiku.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous c said...

Shut up Nolan! Didn't your mom ever teach you 'nobody likes a know-it-all'.

Just kidding. I couldn't agree more with the fact that artists don't need to expose themselves, but there has to be something that connects with the viewer (just the opposite of a 'narcissistic endeavor'). Work can be playful, or meaningless and still be great. I don't deny that. All I'm saying is that Christian's work of late lacks anything compelling. Look at his earlier work... the gum and toothpaste sculptures. Those were in every way simple, playful, dirty and most importantly, successful. I'm just saying that he now seems like a lost soul rather than an artist in transition.

It looks like wanwan got a thesaurus for his birthday!

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Nolan Simon said...

Oh man you had me worried there. I had just finished talking with my wife, Sarah, about how some of my comments might seem "catty" if taken seriously. I definitely don't mean to be rude, though I'm sure some of the humor is lost in the internet translation (or just not funny).

I guess I see Christian's recent work to be more formal; it's a sort of recontextualization of processes familiar to ceramacists. He's just removing the clay (for the most part). Pouring and spinning liquid using found objects as the base. I don't know...I like it. I didn;t particularly like the gum sculptures, so maybe it's a matter for taste. (Pun intended)


2:14 PM  
Anonymous c said...

true, I agree in most cases, but this show was a let down. Let's hope to see if Colorado adds anything to his arsenal.

4:35 PM  
Blogger wanwan said...

ha ha i like that you see the haiku, but... thesaurus why ? ha ha what did i get for my birthday? paul said the minty piece was a melted l. b. sculpture... i laughed and told christian... i've been studying too much these last cold days, and i'm getting headaches from reading and looking... i saw a l.b. piece from 1971 in a art in america from that era... and low and behold it was a black plastic gooey thing, not enough spinning... christian said he just likes to destroy things... ever since he was a kid? i like the way it takes a moment for this blog, nice. the book i want for x-mas? georges didi-huberman, "confronting images" pennstate university press, a 2005 translation of the 1990 "devant l'image: question posee aux fin d'une histoire de l'art" ha ha fifteen years and i still havn't read that foucault book yet! a plug for billy shires fine art gallery , if yer in culver city. sure, lots of blah c-pop and light of jesus gallery stuff, but still, billy billy... look what's selling! and gary panter is in that comic book art show , at the hammer, and at the contemporary. why new york? fla? el a baby. love ya... wan

8:48 PM  

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