Saturday, December 10, 2005

MOCAD...the scoop??

Normally I try and post any kind of inside information I know about the art scene and upcoming events in Detroit. The problem is that I feel, along with some others, out of the "MOCAD" Detroit Contemporary planning circle. I know that a newsletter/mag. is supposed to be coming out - sponsored by the new contemporary and I know that Manoogian did end up financing a chunk of the museum. But why is the project so hush-hush?? How come detroit artists still don't have a clue about the progress? Wouldn't you think that it could be beneficial to have the local art scene help with the planning or voice of the museum? I guess also Mitch Cope and Lynn Crawford are linked to MOCAD but who else? Marsha Miro? I would think that detroit could use some press for the upcoming contemporary...if it is still in the works.

Anybody out there know any juicy details??? Or a way for us detroiters to get involved??


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