Saturday, July 28, 2007

workin' on a saturday

Because I am stuck at work on a Saturday, here's Adam McEwen's "Untitled (Sorry) and Untitled (Closed)" from his 2003 Wrong Gallery installation. You can buy your very own miniature Wrong Gallery door and related art works to display within it at cerealart.

McEwen is the same guy who did the parody celebrity obituaries in the '06 Whitney Biennial. And who co-curated the recent "Beneath the Underdog" show at Gagosian.

Now back to the grind ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

saw these back at MONA when i was interning there in 2004. really funny on a museum door.

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah that is funny.
Hey Ann!
Hey Aaron!
Hey Andrew!
Hey Mitch!
Hey Jeremy!
Hey Anne!..
Just want to give the DG group a good shout out!!!
Can't wait to make you look good!!

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Stay Classy said...

Good reading thiss post

3:22 PM  

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