Monday, May 07, 2007

new works by dana

Looks like dana has a new batch of paintings @ zach feuer gallery, man that woman can crank 'em out! Seems like she is up to her usual inner/fantasy/conceptual/worlds of pictures that describe made up and personal stories. She is still subtlety experimenting with new narratives (How we would...series) and compositions (Abstract models) and I am happy to see her works remain somewhat the same, seeing I am a big fan. Her paintings are something that you should really experience in person!
also...see artnet review (which also has a luke warm snippet review of josh smith across the street)
How we would drive

2007 oil on canvas 76" x 78"

How we would give birth

2007 oil on canvas 60" x 72"
Male Model

2007 oil on canvas, velvet 36" x 38"


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