Wednesday, May 02, 2007

chicago west loop galleries: part II

I can already here the bellyaching..."where's the russell post?"...calm down...I have the last installment from the west loop galleries in chicago. For you detroiters and midwesters out there, I highly recommend a trip to visit chicago galleries. It might not be as vast as chelsea or la but they do have talent to offer in their growing art district.

Great, great exhibition at Kavi Gupta Gallery's project space!

Claire Sherman photo host wouldn't allow for this image of artist Clare Rojas' "Naked Man" - a painting of a mustached naked man, phewy on sexist photobucket for not letting us see a naked cartoon man!

Clare Rojas - Woman on Stair Installation

Jeff Carter - Scaffold and Leaf

Scott Anderson - Ribelo

dearraindrop (joe grillo, laura grant, billy grant) - Miami Sucks

Greg Stimac @ Bucket Rider Gallery

Anna Bjerger @ Bucket Rider Gallery

above from Bucket

Man, I thought my car was missing a guiotine! I could set that up for all you neysayers out with your heads! hahaha (just a JOKE!)

Another great gallery - 40000

Nevin Tomlinson @ 40000...stay tuned you might see his work in detroit soon!

THERE ( MFA Graduate Show University of Chicago) @ Three Walls Gallery
Carey Lin (above)

Leigh-Ann Pahapill - Supercontinuum, Eleven field monitors, video, dvd player, cords and cables, wedging table.

Dannielle Tegeder @ Bodybuilder & Sportsman
For this installation you went inside a dark room and climbed on a ladder to see a projection of old buildings playing to opera style music. To me this piece seemed like it would have fit into Shrinking Cities.

Good bye chicago, thanks for the hot dogs, pizza and art!


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