Thursday, March 29, 2007

artist of the day: erwin wurm

Have you ever seen pieces of an artist's career but not put them together? I had first seen wurm's "fat car" maybe over a year ago and loved it...then I saw his photography using everyday objects to define the space around a person or object....and I saw the last photo I posted in about every art mag about six months ago. While at Art Basel wurm was everywhere too...but it wasn't till now that I put all of his work together and enjoy the connected jumps he takes with photography and staged sculpture and performance.
Kissing the museum director / Be nice to your curators, Museums director carried by the artist 2006
Eames 2005 c-print
Venezianischer Barock 2005 c-print
Convertible Fat Car, Mixed media sculpture Indoor sculpture, CC-Graz C-print


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