Saturday, February 24, 2007

why care?

" why should we be looking at this stuff?!"
Normally I get charged in a good way by doing the blog and posting artists and information to see, but when I start getting comments like the one above, it drives me nuts to say the least! I started the blog primarily to view more art to challenge myself and be a more "current art" educated artist. The market is a strange and frustrating thing and new artists pop up everyday. Living in detroit, one doesn't get exposed to a lot of outside definitely isn't ny or la where in a weekend you can view all kinds of art coming from all corners of the world. This brings me to the second reason I wanted to do the I could share with the world the work of detroit and also share art that I find interesting to the people in the city. I kind of see it as a growing gallery of artists to check out. I spend an incredible amount of time looking at art, be it local openings, online or traveling. I happen to like being informed of artists out there...and sometimes the easiest way to get people's attention is to post pictures. Silly me to think anyone would want to look at art on an arts blog.

Check this out in New York Magazine. I posted on Bernhardt (above image) a while back after seeing her work on PaintersNYC blog, a popular blog just about posting ny painters' works...go figure...and I also was happy to learn about Jonathan Monk (below).


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