Monday, February 05, 2007

Looking for artists....

The Public Art Project's Woodward Billboard
The billboard measures approximately 7'2" (86") tall and 23' (276") wide excluding the frame. The face of the billboard is plywood, which may be painted on directly or nailed or screwed into. No adhesives may be applied to the surface of the billboard. The billboard surface and frame must be returned to a clean, white surface with removal of any installation. Two fluorescent fixtures illuminate the billboard in the evening.
Submission Guidelines:
Proposals may be submitted by mail or in person. All proposals must includethe following:
-artist's (or artists') resume(s) or CV
-articles or reviews of recent work
-slides of representative work
-artist's statement
-statement (one to five paragraphs) describing billboard
-description of materials, process, installation method
-SASE for return of materials
Send submissions to:
Darlene @ LEMBERG GALLERY - 23241 Woodward Ave Ferndale MI 48220 (248.591.6623)


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What is the deadline date?

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