Tuesday, January 30, 2007

bloggers + art critics = explosion

This story looks familiar..."blogger gets heat from "art critic"... gee, don't know what that is like!

Check out Tyler Green's response to an Art in America article that mentions him (below). Hear, hear Tyler...keep up the great work!

"Exceptions [to reader disinterest in art critics] exist -- as with the lead critics for a few of the major dailies -- but they don't abound. More and more people in the audience for contemporary art would rather read Tyler Green snark somebody in his blog, Modern Art Notes, than ponder the considered judgment of Michael Kimmelman on a MoMA retrospective. Many art writers have either added unpaid blogging to their activities or been squeezed into it from want of other, traditional outlets -- for which many bloggers don't have enough writerly inclination or discipline, anyway. Each of those art bloggers has a following of fans and other bloggers, and each of those bloggers has... and so on. A growing form of art criticism consists of posting links to other people's criticism, which consists of posting links... and so on." Art in America


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Comparing a blog -- which is a medium -- to art criticism -- which is a writerly, often journalistic format -"

Shouldn't that be: a blog is a medium and art criticism is a school of thought (not a format in and of itself, though it can be expresed in journalistic styles)? Not to split hairs, but... Green could have said that Art Criticism can be expressed equally well through the blog channel as through the printed publications. The real faux pas here is that people like Kimmelman refuse to accept or participate in blogging. There are many writers from all genres (Saul Williams to J.K.Rowlings) who have embraced blogging as a lateral outlet to traditional printed publications. In fact, there are very few hold-outs: the old, crusty, stodgy art critics are one of the few groups that abjectly refuse. Which is fine, in the evolution of media it simply means that the actual voice will pass on to the younger generation and this past generation will become quickly and increasingly obsolete: which is as it should be.

As for snarkiness-- lol! I love the pot-and-kettle bit of "... for which many bloggers don't have enough writerly inclination or discipline, anyway." Hilarious! And simultaneously completely true, and completely untrue.

11:04 AM  
Blogger art blogs are fun said...

Even Edward Winkelman has something to say about the "art blog" subject:

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no problem with people questioning what or how the DIA is running in comparrison to the salary it pays this man. If we want better shows and events than lets start by applying a part of this man's salary to the operational expenses of the DIA. I mean what is his 400k salary getting the citizens of greater Detroit???? How about we use it to have the museum open an extra day of the week???

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