Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oakland Art Gallery part I

First off I need to get something off my chest...ggrrrrrrrr....!*&% OK, I love bloggin' but not when it takes a whole evening! Yes, I am still complaining about the changes made on my photo server. You see, now when I post a giant post like this, I can upload in blogger but it will takes three posts, which I found out tonight, to do so because of the photo memory. Anyway, enough crying tonight and on the the post.
This was one of those openings that not a lot of people knew about. It wasn't anyone local, well it was supposed to be a photo show curated by john cynar but unfortunately he had to drop out at the last minute. So, Goody employed PS1 worker and former detroiter, Rachael Lindhagen to curate the show of ny drawings. I enjoyed this last minute show very much so. It was a lighthearted, fresh show of sketchbook drawing, pen and ink humor, and multiple unpretentious drawings. Overall just a fun show to view.
These pen and ink drawings are by ny/hong kong/australian artist Andrew Chan. I think he was my favorite in the show. Be sure to check out his website link.
Office cubicle study #1 2002, Pen & Ink, 11" X 15" Man, office life is rough!
Caravan, ink, 40" x 27"

Rafael Melendez - note: bottom right says "your buttender" - just in case you missed it.


Blogger John Azoni said...

i'm extremely fed up with blogger as well. It takes forever to make a post, and half the time it doesn't work.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that show looks really amazing.
thanks for wrestling with your computer to post pictures!

3:26 PM  

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