Thursday, October 19, 2006

joy garnett

Sometimes finding neat things is like a scavenger hunt online:
Check email. Hear from a pittsburgh gallery owner who wants to start dialog between detroit and pittsburgh. Check his
daily blog. Find a link to a ny writer/curator's site. View his show at a gallery in brooklyn. Find Joy Garnett. Look up her site. Enjoy some of the work. Start over with some other odd piece of info. Fun. Fun.


Blogger John Morris said...

Yes, I would like to make connections, if I can. I don't know where anything might lead. I am actually not from Pittsburgh and am somewhat a stranger in town and I have never been in the Detroit area.

It just seems that from a distance the two towns have a lot in common. Both have historic and iconic identities tied to industry. Both went through a lot of trauma and experienced a lot of suburban flight. And, both cities have huge creative diasporas of people who have left which could play a big role in thier futures if they could be tapped into.
It seems like both scenes have a lot of spread out underground stuff going on.

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