Sunday, October 15, 2006

Forum Gallery Cranbrook

Jeffrey Mathews
The mural on the wall - I call it "giant squid terrorizing pirate ship" - was I think done by two 2d design students...but I could be wrong b/c their info wasn't in the press release. I really enjoyed this crazy painting.

Mark Sengbusch

(just a side note) I am having frustrating problems because my usual photo uploading site (photobucket) decided to change format :( I can no longer use it to blog I have to use blogger and for some reason it likes to play god and decide which images I get to post, which is a real bummer for me. I had a crazy shot of a cranbrook student playing the drums at this opening while a baby danced to the loud beats. I decided that my next "concept piece" would be me kidnapping children and only releasing them until "art moved them"! hahaha - just kiddin!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beverly should be arrested. This shit is criminal.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:
If you are going to talk shit,
please don't be a pussy about it.
Did you even see the show?
Fess up and offer constructive criticism.

Mark Sengbusch

2:57 AM  

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