Thursday, June 01, 2006

teams of architects changing a city

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The NY Times reveals that miami is hot with architects! I could have told you that from my recent trip there! Everywhere you turn, there are new buildings going up along the beach and in the heart of miami. And what is creating all this attention are the famous architects that are coming to the sunshine state ready to impress.

"Major developers across the country have long since realized, of course, that celebrity architecture sells. But its sudden rise here seems linked to a new level of design consciousness, an outgrowth of the now-entrenched fashion industry in South Beach and the booming success of Art Basel Miami Beach, an art fair held annually since 2000."



Blogger Lisa Hunter said...

Miami has long had interesting architecture, though it wasn't always appreciated. The Deco buildings that people used to call monstrosities are now being landmarked and photographed and loved.

10:42 AM  

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