Thursday, May 11, 2006

Klein and Kidd

Don't miss tonight's openings in Birmingham!
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David Klein Gallery -

OPENING: Thursday May 11 from 5 - 8pm

SHOW: LANDSCAPES, REAL & IMAGINED:New paintings by Victoria Adams, William Glen Crooks, and Brad Durham

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Kidd Gallery - OPENING: Thursday May 11, from 5 - 8pm

SHOW: Martha Ceccio, Christin Richard, & Bob Nugent

And don't forget tomorrow night (May 12) is the CCS student show opening from 7-10pm!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both were fabulous shows! The installation at Kidd was truly unique, although seemingly unfavorable to art buyers in the area.
Klein's "new" gallery is excellent. My fav's in the show were Durham, although the Crook's were overwhelmingly breath-taking!
Great shows at both...but Klein's new look took the cake.

11:27 PM  

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