Friday, December 23, 2005

Saltz on Saltz action

Looks like Mr. Saltz and I might finally agree on some things! Check out his article in the village voice. Here a few points:

"...Too many critics enthuse over everything they see or merely write descriptively. This sells everyone short and is creating a real disconnect. People report not liking 80 percent of the shows they see, yet 80 percent of reviews are positive or just descriptive...

...If criticism is in trouble, as many say, it's because too many critics write in a dreary hip metaphysical jargon that no one understands except other dreary hip metaphysicians who speak this dead language...

...The most interesting critics make their opinions known. Yet in most reviews there's no way to know what the writer thinks, or you have to scour the second-to-last paragraph for one negative adjective to detect a hint of disinclination..."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please could we get some art critics in the Free Press who actually have an opinion about what they are looking at. If they are going to "report" to us then the term "critic" should not be used.

5:06 PM  

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