Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Insert Object, and Out Comes an Artful Replica

You have to check this story out in the ny times!!! Really, this story is amazing...and a short read for those who loose interest in long internet stories. Also be sure to look at the slide show.

..."Over the past week, the group has turned the gallery into a sociable, raunchy, pixilated all-night version of Santa's workshop, pumping out free art on demand, and turning the image of a money-choked, object-clogged New York art world on its head." on.
..."Therapy would come in handy. The six people have been locked in together for a week. Although the windowless box is equipped with beds, a toilet, cooking facilities and food, it has no telephone, television, radio or computer, or any other means of contacting the outside world. The box-dwellers have no way of telling the time of day, or the day of the week."


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