Thursday, August 25, 2005

Oh, no...not Revolution!

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Just when I was starting to think that the art scene in Detroit was starting to come alive, my spirits have been crushed!!  Revolution Gallery will be CLOSING it's doors sometime late this fall.  No joke, Revolution hasn't been able to keep afloat in this brutal economy.  With DAM now contemplating staying alive too....I wonder what is to come for the Detroit art community?  Where will artists show?  This isn't good.  Anybody got any ideas besides moving to NY or LA? 


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Is revolution for profit or not for? I lived in another city before this with a very thriving art community. When one of our not for profits was in desperate need of help they threw a fundraiser and artists from all over the city donated art and then the gallery sold it at rock bottom prics in order to pay just the bills. It kept the gallery afloat. Artists that show at that gallery are responsible for everything from hanging the show themselves to paying for the mailing list. There needs to be more galleries like this in the city.

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