Sunday, August 07, 2005

jim torok: artists are great!

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Artists are great! While flipping through an Art In America magazine, I first came across jim torok's comicbook layout of  "If You Want To Be A Successful Artist You Must Create Controvery".  I instantly ripped it out and had it framed: what better way to be contantly reminded of all the ways an artist could sell out!  The cartoon images ranged from "make a meteor hit the pope,  put a cross in some piss, put stuff up your butt" and ending with line with "just sell yourself for money" and a picture of an artist having sex with a collector.  Anyways...I came across more by the artist here.  I actually had no idea Torok did photorealist painting too.  His portraits are wonderful...but I enjoy the humor of his artist comics much more!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ann:

I just came across you blogsite...I want to invite you to the show I am curating at 555 opening sept.11th. I met Jim during ArtTable in New York last April...he is totally brilliant. We went to the gallery he is represented by in Williamsburg Brooklyn...and he came down from his studio to meet us.

Do get intouch with I can send you my press release.

Brenda O.

6:25 PM  
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