Saturday, August 27, 2005

101up opening tonight

Tonight is the opening of "The Sixth Show" at The 101up Gallery.
4470 Second Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

DETROIT (August 27, 2005) The 101up Gallery presents 'The Sixth Show" featuring the drawings of Erin Somerville, Rachelle Guenther, Elizabeth L.Isakson, Kylie Lockwood, Ryan Csaszar, and Carl Oxley. The opening reception is Saturday, August 27, 2005 from 6:00 p.m. until midnight, and the show runs until September 23. Entertainment provided by Rob Young on violin and mandolin. Located at 4470 Second Avenue in Midtown Detroit, the 101up Gallery has been up and running since February 2005.

What makes a 'drawing?" Is it pencil, pen, or pastel? Or is it the age-old line? 'The Sixth Show" presents answers in the form of six artists' work. Erin Somerville uses charcoal on huge plaster slabs to depict everyday objects in rough, white space. Rachelle Guenther's stylus is her glaze laid down on ceramic tiles to make a line nonetheless drawn. Elizabeth L. Isakson uses pastel on paper to create dark, sun-setting cityscapes with very little line. Kylie Lockwood uses paint on paper to capture the images of baby bird and cat ghosts. Ryan Csaszar uses brushed ink on paper to create romantic and gestural figures live. Carl Oxley uses paint marker on canvas to make simple, fun, line-driven characters. Owners Greg Frederick and Mark Sengbusch havesome drawings to show off as well.


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