Wednesday, July 13, 2005

painfully pretentious art...

During my usual online art hunting of the day I came across this site: The Nonist, What good are the arts. I forget how I got linked there but I liked his categories for defining art:

spectacularly shitty art, laughably bad art, painfully pretentious art, terribly executed art, downright ugly art, shoddy art, clever art, groan inducing art, boring art, yawn inspiring art, who cares art, eh art, o.k. art, interesting art, intriguing art, pants crappingly impressive art, undeniably well executed art, beautiful art, knock down dead gorgeous art, and so on.

I would love to see some honest reviews including..."groan inducing art" or "pants crappingly impressive" !!!! Maybe art criticism wouldn't be so gosh darn boring if writers wrote PLAYFUL reviews? Then again, it is important to look smart...and being smart means you have no sense of humor. I must be pretty stupid then?


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