Monday, June 27, 2005

the new decorating craze: video art!

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I often wondered how video artists sold their work.  I know that museums collect video art but where is the market for the typical collector?  Paintings are easy: just slap 'em on the wall and sculptures: even easier...put 'em on the coffee table, pedestal or outside.  So how does one display video art?  Should the owner play the original video art, should there be copies made, what happens when the video isn't playing - do you keep a blank tv screen, what if dvd's become outdated....? In a recent NY times article a pair of collectors have become obsessed with video art and have let it take over there house.  The article explains some of the issues tied with this new form of art.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your article.

I'm an artist just statrting in the medium of video and feel the same way!

Sometimes you can over do the piece by presenting it in an over elaborate way and other times the way you present it is not enough and looks shoody!

Hmm. There's a conference in Edinburgh, Scotland called The projected Space in Contemporary Art which is trying to discuss these same problems. I'm not sure if there's an actuall website but if you google it some interesting stuff might come up.

Well anyway, thanks for the article and I hope you find ways to make your work look top!



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