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So I started internet surfing for finding out any kind of info on contemporary art. I came across this site that has named the movements of contemporary art...again don't trust the internet...but apparently based on "internet fact" (hahahah) we are in a period called "FUNISM" !!

Contemporary Art - 1980s – Present
Multiculturalism - 1980s - Present
Graffiti Movement - 1980s - Present
BritArt / Young British Artists ("yBa") - 1988 - Present
Net Art - early 1990s - Present
Massurrealism - early 1990s - Present
Lowbrow - c. 1994 - Present
Bitterism - 1998 - Present
Stuckism - 1999 - Present
Thinkism - September 12, 2001 - Present
Funism - c. 2002 - Present


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Im just starting at art degree about contemporary art and researched the same as you now what the hell is funism! I think its a bit of a mockery myself these people are not artists they are destroying art its self!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funism is an art movement begun in 1991 by artist Norm Magnusson. It's tenets are simple: 1) art should be as much fun to look at as it is to think about 2) art should be intellectually engaging without being intellectually elitist.

Funism is a populist movement created and continued by serious artists.

For more information, visit

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Blogger pomo housewife said...

no, cos that would mean when I was making art in the 80's I was part of BritArt ....I wasn't.... its a little mini movement of its own, isn't it. Just that's the timeframe...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Letter to Norm Magnusson

Dear Mr. Magnusson:
It has come to our attention that you are in violation of
United States Copyright Protections Act by claiming that you are the "Founder of
the Funism Art Movement" and advertising yourself as such without the expressed
written permission for the original founders of the movement and owners of the
Funism Art Copyright. Furthermore, you actions may have caused economic damages
to the Funism name and copyright and the owners of such copyright will seek
claims for said damages unless you immediately cease and desist from making
claims of being the movement's founding entity.
However, should you elect to do so, you may continue to identify yourself as a
Funist or Funism Artist without consequence. You may also identify your
creations as Funist or Funism Art without consequence.
You are hereby ordered to remove all reference to you being the "Founder of the
Funism Art Movement", "The Founder of Funist Art", "Founder of Funism", or any
other such reference in your advertising or publicity in all mediums including
the internet, print and electronic media, etc. Additionally, you are hereby
ordered to issue a statement of retraction, stating that your actions of
claiming to be the founder of the movement were indeed an act of Funism in
itself and were not intended to detract credibility from the original founder.
This statement of retraction must be posted on all internet sites that claim you
as the founder. Lack of compliance with these directives shall result in a
costly legal entanglement and we shall seek full restitution for such actions in
equity and at law.
Sal Marino
Founder of the Funism Art Movement

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Norm Magnusson is a Fraud!
Until his recent pompous claims, Norm Magnusson has not shown or been able to provide proof of his pirated title, a title which belongs to "Sal Marino, Founder of the Funism Art Movement". Although he is attempting to steal the title from its rightful creator, his calous actions are inept in that thre is no documented proof of his claims that can be substantiated through any scientific time-line applications, which would predate Funism's birth. I call on all fellow Funists to help in discrediting Magnusson's adolescent efforts by posting this information and the truth behind Funism, on every possible forum throughout the internet. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Together we can stop all imposters and return to our stated mission.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sal Marino is a connoisseur of fun. Known as the “Founder of The Funism Art Movement”, Marino’s unique vision of the world is punctuated by a wry and sometimes cryptic observation of every day life. He is a humorist, an artist, a photographer, a musician, a writer, a poet, a businessman, a lover, a father, an observer, a participant and most importantly, a ‘Funist’.
Through his youthful beginnings in the music industry and art world, accomplishments in the field of Marketing and Advertising, an ‘up and down’ career on Wall Street, with later significant successes in the entrepreneurial business world, Marino has forged a strong creative foundation upon which the building blocks of an eclectic, yet distinctive point of view are rooted.
Recent manifestations of Marino’s creative energies and talents are represented in the reflective, humorous and sometimes self-deprecating accounts of past experiences with, friends, strangers and lovers alike in his book, Guy Talk, Girl Talk.
Marino’s nostalgic look at sexual yearnings, unfulfilled love, brushes with fame and accounts of not so ordinary oddities are the mechanism by which the reader is drawn to the reflective surface of his subject matter. We all can see a bit of ourselves in Marino’s stories, whether it is from the point of view of the protagonist or the many diverse personalities (some recognizable) who are represented therein. The author allows a glimpse through the window of his experience, and subsequently our own, suggesting that we each have reflective, sometimes dark and perhaps equally amusing stories to tell.

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More about FUNism here:

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