Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Sight For Sore Eyes?

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It seems that someone else has taken notice to Phaedra Robinson's show at Meadowbrook.  A review of her show and panel discussion is critiqued in a Metro Times article.  I was somewhat surprised by the unfavorable review being that Robinson writes for Metro Times. I started to think that maybe I missed the point of her show and that "art" was now over my head. I have spoken with many other Detroit artists who were also left questioning the visual message of her solo show. Another question is how did she get a solo show at Meadowbrook??


Blogger arthobo said...

"Our" scene here in Detroit suffers from artsprawl. There are too many mediocre galleries spread out over too large an area. Meadowbrook Gallery is one of the most far-flung locals in the metro area along with Paint Creek Center for the Arts, also in Rochester Hills. There is oodles of money in Rochester Hills, but who goes there to view art? No one. And the locals all work for Chrysler.

Or am I geographically backward? I.E: Is a gallery like 4371 far-flung because it is so far from the population centers and money?

I prefer the idea and reality of Detroit galleries over suburban galleries for several reasons.
For one, Detroit is (seemingly) unpopulated. Therefore it is a sort of DMZ for all surrounding communities. People from all over can meet there on the same terms. Secondly, doing anything in Detroit is a bit more risky. Sales are iffy at best. Lastly, there are students and (oh hell yah) imigrants there. In my experience both groups bring objectivity and foster energy. Find another city beside Ann Arbor that has that!

If I walked into a given metro Detroit gallery with a blindfold and then looked around at the art and space I could almost certainly tell you where I was.

Royal Oak and Birmingham galleries are trendy, too big for their britches, and compromised, just like the cities. Or they are decoration warehouses disguised as galleries. Shameful.

Far flung galleries in the 'new suburbs' are odorless and tasteless.

Detroit galleries (at least try to) present work that might actually provoke thought. They offer possibility, not (just) product.

And Pontiac galleries, well, both of them are trying really hard and they deserve credit for that.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats hilarious that she works there and they trashed her shit..Great friends at MT!

If this is the same phaedra I went to CCS with she used to dip dead birds in liquid plastic. Good shit.

2:00 PM  
Blogger art blogs are fun said...

hey detroitfunk....hahaaha that is funny if you went to ccs with phaedra!

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yep yep - I just confirmed with Mrs dFUNK that there is only one Phaedra..(lol) I was there just before her, but the wife was there at the same time. Isnt/wasnt Phaedra a glassblower too ? The Mrs. did quite a bit of glass in school. We were in the Fine Arts department, Phaedra had to be Crafts or FA.

Im just really happy when I see people I went through school with still out there kicking it. Many many many never did anything with art after going all the way through school at CCS. Several went back and teach there now.

This site is cool, not so many folks out there putting down realistic commentary on the art scene, especially locally. Its a lot of work keeping up a blog - so I definitely applaud your effort.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

my guess is phaedra got a show at meadowbrook because she is part of the IN crowd of artists that the gallery clic gives shows to. her work was all over the place and not worthy of a solo show. the catalogue made it look much better though. at least mt had the good sense to tell it straight and not kiss her ass since she writes for the rag. there's a lot of great talent in detroit and much of it never seen in the galleries in town. tangent was good. hilberry is showing some newer local talent (snider) but other galleries still show the same old same old people from the same old places, like all we want to do in detroit is stare at our own art navel. what about the way out idea of showing some rockin' contemporary artists not from town like yuskavage, johanson, mcghee, jacir, hirschhorn. it would help if the state supported and promoted the arts more.it makes no sense that they don't when all urban revivals have depended upon thriving art communities. we need more gallery owners who are passionate about art, take risks and know how to spread that passion around to the unitiated. more art galleries, more artists, more gallery goers please (and not just the ones that come for free beer.) any suggestions? ps thanks for a good art blog.

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