Monday, April 25, 2005

LYNDA BENGLIS at susanne hillberry

Lynda Benglis at Susanne Hillberry through 18 june

These twisted, origami explosions are quite deceiving to the eyes.  What looks like light copper foil is really solid bronze.  The pieces are heavy, huge wall sculptures with an enormous price tag.  Let's just say you could buy one of these or a fancy car or small house!   
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The bronze sculptures had the most presence and the way the light hit the ruffles was nice...but just nice not amazing. The eye trick of materials was the most enticing but still not enough for me to want to live with one.
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Some reminded me of splatter-painted twist ties of the eighties!
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And others were soft tied-up intestines with more splatter paint.
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The show as a whole was nicely displayed and a variety of materials kept it interesting.  But I would also like to say that  because Susanne has a beautiful space that some works of art just look "nice" because of the large, gorgeous gallery.  I sometimes think that I am impressed by the shows there because I am supposed to be.  Maybe any artist's work would look serious there.  If you drive a fancy car and live in a big house you must be rich and successful?  And if you show at a well respected galleries and have shows in New York you must be a great artist? Or maybe not....


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