Wednesday, April 27, 2005

high school with money

Check out the recent "Diary" entry by Jerry Saltz in

"The art world is like high school with money. These hyped-up days, that school seems to have morphed into the one on Beverly Hills 90210. It even has what might be called its own paper: the gossipy Diary section of Although the regular Artforum remains rigorous and the diary entries from other cities aren't as overheated, the gushy New York items read like the Us magazine of art criticism, regularly reporting the flings and bling of an insular group of art worlders who regularly mingle with and applaud one another. I love the art world and the social life it generates. We all spend huge amounts of time alone, so going out is a way to avoid going insane. Yet the Diary can make you think that the same 55 people are bounding from bash to bash like some giant high-fashion molecule......

The parties and Diary may be only background radiation, yet combined with the crazed tenor of things, they're adding to a collective frustration, notably at the lower end of the food chain. These days it's not unusual for grad students to fret if a dealer hasn't picked them up yet, or for people still in school to already be making tens of thousands of dollars off their work while their critic-teacher is making next to nothing."


Blogger arthobo said...

I am going to coin a name for an art movement that has always existed and will always exist. Is is called "La Whore." We know who you are!!

La Whore transcends time, space, media, gender and nationality. To be a card carrying member of La Whore, simply produce repetitous, compromised, insincere, market-oriented things prolifically and then offer them at highly exaggerated prices in places that have high-volume sales.

"Oh honey I love it! Buy it for me?!"

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